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Laurent Moreschi

Photographer, digital artist and retoucher

"I see myself as an explorer of life" 

Born in Switzerland, Laurent is a life passionate with a lot (probably too much) passions.

Laurent's passions are small, big and often complex. Small as the little water drop that lives an instant on a leaf after a storm, deep as the darkest forests hidden by the mist, big as the mystical mountains sleeping in clouds and complex as the human spirit. 

As the fool travels the arcane of life, Laurent travels the world for a search of knowledge, mysteries and adventures.

Join him on this quest and let the magic of this world carry you away.

To contact us : magielacote@gmail.com

"This website is dedicated to my wife, Alex, the angel who has always been there for me despite the crazy paths I've taken"


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The Magic Team

Alex - Birgit - Laurent - and Alex (shooting the picture) ;-)

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